The future of health insurance: From just “bill payers” to real insurance players

61% of Insurance Leaders foresee more Digital Disruption in Insurance than any other commercial sector, PwC Global CEO Survey showed. Yet, the insurance companies are still not able to break free from the legacy and to embrace the digitalization process.

The Insurers must accept the fact that the Insurance World has changed and the new generation is more demanding and at the moment they are simply not satisfied with the insurance policies.

According to Oracle survey, the Gen Y Insurance Consumer face with three main challenges - they find the insurance:

  • to complex,

  • too intense and

  • too transactional!

Hence, the insurers must change the way they serve the customers. They must accept that today’s customer is more empowered, more social, with higher expectations and seeks for an experience.

Or as Christophe Jacquet from InSites Consulting sums it up: The patient is no longer patient.

They (the patients) become partners in their health management and want to be informed about every step in the way of making their health condition better.

So, what is the future of health insurance? Here are the three takeaways from the Excellence in Health Insurance Conference that took place last week in Berlin:

Attendees at the Excellence in Health Insurance Conference in Berlin 2017


Health insurance now becomes more about prevention. Prevention is more important than ever. According to Generali in very near future, it will be expected, along with the medical bill, patients to get predictive analysis about what the current health condition will cause to them in future.

The percentage of care delivered at home or virtually will increase. Accordingly, the costs should decrease. Actually, this proven to be a fact for Ribera Salud in Spain. Their health portal reportedly decreased the average cost for DRG (Diagnosis-related grouping) by 30% and helped the hospital to save 1 million euros at every 1.1000 admissions.


Insurers must simplify access to all data; discover and predict fast, and govern and secure all data! With the digitalization, the security must become better and more assuring. The data breaching has risen in the past years and this is something that insurers must take in consideration. According to Allianz the breaches caused by either hacking or malware nearly doubled in relative frequency over the past year: 18% in 2014 to 21% in 2015. More importantly, the breaches involving third-party vendors more than tripled: 6% in 2014 to 18% in 2015. These breaches can hinder the reputation of the company that can ultimately lead to losing your customers.

With the security comes compliance as well. According to Health Insurance Instantly, compliance is here to stay and laws will push for that. Some business will be lost if not 100% compliant as clients’ demand for compliance will rise.

Apps/Wearables and Customer Engagement

According to Generali, the apps have very short life. Therefore it is important to provide active engagement with patients. Otherwise, the tools will fail.

The importance of engagement also was elaborated by Andrea Silvelo from Neosurance Srl Italy. According to him, the insurers must dedicate themselves more in engaging the patients more by proposing healthy behaviors. At the end of the day, as he put it, the insurance is sold, not bought.

“Insurers are becoming “player” of the game instead of simple “payers”. That means take care of the health customer journey, proposing healthy behaviors with a gamification approach to engaging customers. An engaged individual is a healthy client so a better client!”

In conclusion, we will quote Christophe from InSites Consulting. As he put it, the future of healthcare and health insurance should be more:

  • popular,

  • predictive,

  • persuasive,

  • preventive,

  • participative,

  • personalized,

  • patient-centric,

  • pragmatic and

  • omnipresent.

We have passed the era of healthcare, now it’s time for health management.

3rd Annual Medical Tourism CE Conference - “connection between your product and your clients”

It is hard to recommend or decide to take long flights just for a root canal, but it does makes sense or cents. Complex surgeries are even more thrilling and those missions look and sound impossible, but still people do it and yet it will grow as a trend all over the globe, for many different reasons, either cheaper services, state of the art technology, the best surgeons the list just goes on.

Competition raises everyday, none of the stake holders stops at the level of excellence they achieved, everyone trying to create a unique Patient’s journey. The competitive environment raised the level of quality & safety in the global health sector, and it yet evolves.

The power of shared knowledge, motivation and hard work are the key to raise the level and stay ahead of the competition. motivation and hard work can be achieved only by you but Sharing knowledge with international leading players and experts can only be done together with EuroEvents and our business events.

Knowing that, last week we held the 3rd Annual Medical Tourism Conference in the heart of Warsaw, Poland at the French Luxury Sofitel Victoria Hotel. Here, we gathered the leading industry players and stakeholders to share experience and real life case scenarios, how they successfully attracted and continue to attract more clients/patients in this ever changing business environment.

Over 70 delegates and speakers in two days of interactive presentations with questions & answers shared so many bright ideas and solutions to the current challenges Medical Tourism providers are facing. Developed new strategies and created a network of business partners at the specially designed coffee breaks, strategic interactive lunch and the free time spent together in the best place in Warsaw “Dom Wodki”.

The ultimate program with the most crucial solutions for the core problems to success in gaining more and more clients, was unique and extra ordinary. Professionals from almost every stakeholder in the industry presented a variety of international experiences and expertise. This international event gathered delegates from over 25 different countries from USA to Turkey.

Polish Tourist Organization presented the whole new approach and programme how Poland will build new foundations for medical tourism.

According to Poliklinika Bagatin the success story from Croatia: it is not only about your brand (“You will have to work alone to create your brand”), important factor is the Destination Branding (“But if you want to go far you can do it alone”), the Journey does not starts and ends in your Hospital / Clinic, it starts with the first contact in you country, either Airport, Taxi maybe the first coffee at the restaurant, everything has to be perfect, and that is an hard task to achieve.

MEDIGO from Germany and Bocain Clinic from Poland explained the complex connection between your product and your clients, the marketing sector. Sharing real life strategies they use in everyday work.

Hasan Arslanyuregi from Methodist, USA and Yeditepe University, Turkey explained the Technology and Digital opportunities, also what to be expected in the near future, personalised medicine, google health, virtual reality surgery the list is endless, can you imagine the progress?

“Excellence in healthcare is our duty, responsibility and obligation” Never ever forget that.

Overall it was a great enterprise event, this smiles on the group photo are priceless.

Attendees at the 3rd Annual Medical Tourism CE Conference, Warsaw 2017

Future of Finance 2.0 Conference: 18 Speakers

In the very heart of Munich, at the Maritim Hotel München, EuroEvents is organizing yet another great event addressing the challenges, trends and the disruption that finance industry is facing at the moment.

Now under the Conference topic “Future of Finance 2.0” this edition will address the post-disrupted era in the financial industry, the lessons learned, the benefits & challenges that disruption brought, the importance of the technology, the influence of the major players like Google, Amazon, Facebook …and much more.

By embracing these challenges we are aiming to provide a precise forecast for what is next in the finance industry and provide various answers and strategies to the challenges that this sector is facing…

To meet this expectation we have secured to have only the best speakers and influencers in the finance industry.

With their vast experience & expertise, we are more than sure that this will be one of a kind event that will create great memories to all our attendees and will create thought provoking ideas and solution for all curious and success oriented stakeholders in the finance industry.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to be part of this private and exclusive forum where the disrupted and disruptors meet. Here is the great line up of speakers that you will meet at Future of Finance 2.0:


Salvatore Pennino

Head of Sales of Banking clients Google

Tolga Tavlas

Top 100 Fintech Influencer, Author of Digital Banking Tips, Digital Banking & CyberSecurity Expatriate

Markus Lampinen

Co-Founder & CEO Crowd Valley Inc

Dr. Remigiusz Smolinski

VP Business Development Innovation Management comdirect AG

Sevda Diker

Digital Generation Banking Innovation Vice President DenizBank

Steve Emecz

CCO collectAI

Stefan Kolle

Member of the Board Futurelab

Jaap Wilms

Owner Wilms ‘n zo! NPS Programme Management

Mojmir Prokop

Manager of Channels and Customer Intelligence Komerční banka

Martin Sladecek

Open Banking Manager Komerční banka

Karlo Kosina

Consultant for IT in Banking and financial services ABBA d.o.o.

Adizah Tejani

Director of Marketing EMEA Token, Inc.

Ravi Kurani

Associate Earlybird Venture Capital

Johan Lundberg

Partner & Investor Relations NFT Ventures

Oliver Harris

FinTech & Innovation J.P. Morgan

Ahed Abdelky

Financial Crime Technology Expert Allianz SE

Nils Jung

Managing Partner Innopay

Peter-Jan Van De Venn

Chief Commercial Officer FiveDegrees