Baltic Health Insurance Conference 2018


We are Delighted to welcome you to our Baltic Health Insurance Conference that will be held in the charming Riga on 22nd & 23rd November,

Every pillar of the “health” umbrella is now acknowledging the importance of innovation, and more than ever we are seeing the prioritization of streamlined processes through digital platforms.

While futuristic technologies are becoming available in healthcare, patients often can’t access them and the cost of providing care continues to skyrocket.

However, innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI) and health sensors are set to reshape how healthcare insurance works and by doing so bring much needed reforms to healthcare as a whole.

The Baltic Health Insurance conference will discuss these different points, and share case studies on how big players are implementing these advanced technologies and what are the benefits of the digital transformation, during this event of two days, we will hear the challenges and opportunities, the importance of partnering with the Insurtech, and the efficiency of wellness programs.

The second part of this conference will be dedicated to the public sector, where we will share a strong insights and best practices on how to contribute to the success of Ehealth, and how to improve the quality of care.

Join us in the biggest metropolis in the Baltics, Riga on 22nd - 23th November and share with us your experience, knowledge and innovations