Great practical cases and innovative technologies of Blockchain gathered in Frankfurt

Amazing impressions were gained at our first edition of Blockchain Finance Summit. Frankfurt seamed as the perfect venue for such gathering, and the main European finance HUB fulfilled ours and delegates’ expectations; Furthermore, Commerz Bank had a great host-partner role at this Event.
We started the Day 1, focusing on discussion of ‘what’s behind the Blockchain hike, Is it regulated and how much do we know about it? This presentation was done by, Mr. Davor Gasparac, Erste Group - Austria. We warmed up the morning with few presentations focusing on the latest technology innovations, Advanced Blockchain Solutions from Germany, amazing presentation by Ms. Chanmeet Kaur, from ABN AMRO - Netherlands followed by Mr. Huber from Commerzbank - Germany, as our Chairman of the Conference.

We continued the day with the technical presentations and best practices shared by the leading European organizations, Deutsche Bank - Germany and Swiss Reinsurance from Switzerland. Great impressions and great presentations, very educative and appealing. The Day1 ended with an hour of Panel discussion on the topic: “Collaboration between Banks and their combination based on a different Blockchain platforms.” Panel participants were Ms. Beisenbach from ING Bank Netherlands, Mr. Adamonis from Bank of Lithuania and Ms. Monteverde from Banco Santander, Spain. Moderator of this Panel was Mr. Huber, who did a great job, raising the discussion and covering all the major and hot areas on the topic.

We approached the end of the Day 1, with great impressions, from our delegates and great expectation for the upcoming Day2.

The second day started with an interesting presentation of Mr. Vingerhoets, Belfius Bank & Insurance form Belgium. It was intriguing to hear different perspective of blockchain implementation from a Belgian Bank. We continued with an amazing and very educational presentations in regards to crypto-world, shared by Ms. Kutt from Frankfurt Blockchain Center, and Mr. Knijff, Blockchain & Tocken proposition Builder Company from Netherlands. After the successful networking session, we continued on stage with Matthew Commons of Cambridge Blockchain and the discussion of Mr. Dhar from Lloyds Banking UK, about KYC process. Commerz Bank were an interesting addition of the day with their practical use of blockchain case presented by Ms. Alexandra Rimpu. We ended up the Conference with an open discussion followed by a short presentation of B3i, Mr. Ken Marke, Chief Marketing Officer. This was an impressive discussion and presentation for the consortium and currently running alliances among Insurance Industry.

Special thank you to the Partners and the Chairman Mr. Hans Huber, who brought their efforts for successful completion of the event. Very beneficial for us as organizers, are the great impressions of our delegates and meeting their expectations for both days.

With great example, road-map and experience we are looking forward for the next Blockchain Finance Summit 2019!