Thinking outside the box brought up our S&OP project and then the attendees’ feedback exceeded our expectations

On behalf of the organizing committee for the S&OP Excellence & Advanced Analytics conference, I would like to thank each and every one of the participants at the event.

We have been pleased to host such an amazing group of people, full of new ideas, and eager to discuss the prominent trends & challenges within the industry.

With representatives of Allergan, Ferragamo perfumes, BASF, WBA, Danone, Savencia Fromage and many more, the delegates were full of experience to share.

The consulting part of the audience was able to analyze and compare case studies, to suggest most efficient methods of forecasting, to advise about people’s management, to discuss the utilization of the appropriate tools etc.

Both days were chaired by Chris Turner from StrataBridge, United Kingdom, who did an amazing job linking the topics and the presentations one after another and added additional value to the event by always being on point with an interesting quote from intriguing books he had recently read.

For us, the organizers, it was really important that the delegates were involved in discussion all the time and with the help of the Chairman – created a collaborative environment.

We hope you left Frankfurt with more inspiration – as promised, and we are certainly looking forward to the next edition of the conference.



EuroEvents is officially inviting you to join the 3rd Annual Global Microfinance Summit, in the inspiring and exciting city of Istanbul on the 24 – 25 January 2019.

Close to 200 senior microfinance practitioners all over the globe will meet to discuss, network and understand the main challenges the industry is facing at the moment. We’ll present success stories from the leading players on the market, compiled with the most innovative solutions which enable a smooth transition into digital microfinance.

GMS2019 will feature a strong focus on Social Impact Investing, as well as importance and increased focus of Green microfinance. Attending our event will enable you to get the latest on entrepreneurship in microfinance, with two segments woman-and young-entrepreneurship. Another important pillar will be the social inclusion, microfinance housing and the influence of technology in everyday practice of microfinance. This and more packed in a very interactive and pleasant environment will maximize your experience at the event!

Don’t miss the key policy makers and global investors presenting at the GMS2019 in Istanbul.

Join us in Istanbul, create experience, enrich your network, learn the trends, receive knowledge and explore innovations at the Global Microfinance Summit 2019!


Health insurance is navigating its way through a wave of new digital technologies. The rapid evolution of InsurTech capabilities is driving Health insurance firms to nimbly adapt to a market that is changing more quickly than ever. What is driving these changes? Intensifying competition, margin pressures, advances in technology, and evolving customer preferences.

The 3rd HealthTech Conference will look at the last updates on regulation GDPR & IDD, challenges and trends in the industry, and will also highlight the potential of being innovative, the impact of digitalization on increasing profitability and enhancing growth, and how to gain InsurTech capabilities.



EuroEvents is pleased to invite you to the 5th Annual Medical Tourism Conference, which will be held on the 13th and 14th of March in Zagreb, Croatia.
For the 5th time in a row, the MTCE conference helps you in acquiring the know-how of winning international patients in the era of digitization. EuroEvents continues the tradition of establishing a focal point for the practitioners of medical tourism to share, discuss and construct improvement strategies of what constitutes a successful facility.
The successful story of the saga does not stop there, but moves on to reveal the keys to management of the patients’ satisfaction and finishes up by discovering the pioneering trends that will define the future of medical travel as such. We strive to enable our attendees to construct concluding remarks that will lead them to leave Zagreb with fresh ideas, inspiration, knowledge and new business relationships we will form together.


For the fifth time, the Medical Tourism Annual Conference will bring together the key players in the industry and open a platform for discussing the most prominent trends & challenges.
This time we are assembling in Zagreb, Croatia, maintaining the quality level of our events, striving to improve it, and work on building even a greater legacy in the field.
The last edition in Berlin in February 2018, still has a firm hold in our memories as a focal point for networking opportunities in the industry.
Our event is standing out among the many as we keep our sponsors’ high exposure and visibility, while simultaneously creating a learning environment where experts have insightful and well informed discussions about the industry.
This time MTC will last for three days whereby we will reserve the first two days for the conference and the discussions, and the third day for the B2B Power Workshop, setting up meetings among vendors and buyers.
This year we are including and exploring topics such as the future of health care, telemedicine, patient’s demands and expectations, preventive health and reinvention of retirement wellness centers, to mention a few.
Our speakers are carefully hand picked from the very best and most successful clinics, unions, associations and institutions overall.

Make sure you save the dates and join us in Zagreb 13th-15th of March to experience how knowledge meets people!

For more information click here:

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EuroEvents is pleased to invite you to the Baltic Health Insurance Conference, which will take place on the 22nd – 23rd November 2018 in Riga, Latvia.
While futuristic technologies are becoming available in healthcare, patients often can’t access them and the cost of providing care continues to skyrocket. However, innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI) and health sensors are set to reshape how healthcare insurance works and by doing so bring much-needed reforms to healthcare as a whole.
This event of two days will share the latest updates in health insurance sector, identify the challenges and the opportunities, show real case studies on the implementation of the advanced technologies, share success stories and approaches, and uncover the power of the insurtech and how will it reshape the health insurance sector

Baltic Health Insurance Conference 2018


We are Delighted to welcome you to our Baltic Health Insurance Conference that will be held in the charming Riga on 22nd & 23rd November,

Every pillar of the “health” umbrella is now acknowledging the importance of innovation, and more than ever we are seeing the prioritization of streamlined processes through digital platforms.

While futuristic technologies are becoming available in healthcare, patients often can’t access them and the cost of providing care continues to skyrocket.

However, innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI) and health sensors are set to reshape how healthcare insurance works and by doing so bring much needed reforms to healthcare as a whole.

The Baltic Health Insurance conference will discuss these different points, and share case studies on how big players are implementing these advanced technologies and what are the benefits of the digital transformation, during this event of two days, we will hear the challenges and opportunities, the importance of partnering with the Insurtech, and the efficiency of wellness programs.

The second part of this conference will be dedicated to the public sector, where we will share a strong insights and best practices on how to contribute to the success of Ehealth, and how to improve the quality of care.

Join us in the biggest metropolis in the Baltics, Riga on 22nd – 23th November and share with us your experience, knowledge and innovations








Dear Delegates,
On behalf of the organizing committee, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Blockchain Finance Summit 2018 that brings together leading and internationally renowned professionals and distinguished experts from around the globe to address and discuss the major areas influencing the blockchain technology.
Blockchain technology represents a significant segment in the future of the financial industry and sets the foundation of the blockchain economy, whereas the crypto ecosystem is the largest actual implementation tool.
Technology and innovation go hand in hand and continue to develop at an ever changing pace creating opportunities and opening future prospects to the financial services community.
The Blockchain Finance Summit 2018 is going to address the major areas affecting and influencing the blockchain technology. The topics include but are not limited to market regulation concerning blockchain technology, industry innovations and future prospects as well as challenges that can affect the payment system and the crypto market. You are going to meet the most important industry players that will share their best practices and successful case studies.
Your active involvement will greatly contribute towards the learning experience therefore you are welcome to be actively involved, to present and to share your experiences and thoughts related to the topics that will be presented.
Have a good trip to Frankfurt, and looking forward to welcome you to this prestigious and important industry event.

3rd Global Microfinance Summit / Turkey, Istanbul

The 3rd Global Microfinance Summit, coming in 2019, in Istanbul, Turkey

EuroEvents is bringing the 3rd Global Microfinance Summit to Istanbul, Turkey – the first unmissable industry gathering of 2019. Save the dates of the 24-25th of January and join an inclusive platform with the latest success stories on a global scale.

Just like the previous two editions, which took place in Barcelona and Vienna, The 3rd Global Microfinance Summit will connect and gather the Global Microfinance community.

GMS2019 will continue the collaboration with the international institutions, such as: IFC, The World Bank, EIF, EESC, and many others. GMS will also straighten the partner relations with the International investors, that were responsible for bringing the most perspective microfinance vehicles, microfinance funds and International Microfinance Institutions.

GMS2019 will welcome more than 200+ attendees, 100+ MSMEs, speaker line-up of 25+ microfinance experts, and 50+ International investors, funds and representatives of the major international institutions.

Follow the link for more details and to secure your place at the 3rd Global Micro-finance Summit, 2019, in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Raise Your Game Through Digitalization – impressions from the 2nd Life Insurance & Pensions Conference

We closed our 2nd Life Insurance & Pensions conference that was held in Amsterdam, this edition has focused more on pensions and how it is developing in Europe, we started our journey with a very important topic from Zurich Switzerland, where Stefan Kroepfl talked about the pension gap and PEPPS, also the requirements for PEPP success, followed by a good explanation of the difference about PEPP, IOP, IPP and local pension from Generali that was presented by Paolo Lippi.









During this first day, our speakers shared the major challenges and opportunities, trendy strategies, innovative approaches, customer experience and more about millennial expectations.

Filling up the missing points, sharing success stories with real case studies, our first day ran with strong insight from different market players, moving to the 2nd day that was fully dedicated to the future and digitalization, we heard some interesting presentations from digital transformation and how big companies like Aviva are implementing these advanced technologies. Also, Insurtech spoke about the potential of using wellness programs and how it can predict disease risks, some of them showed how to digitalize legacy systems and connect silos in insurance.









Last but not least, we ended our event with a great presentation about the use of Blockchain in Allianz and how could reduce reconciliation costs.

We are very glad to meet our delegates expectations, and we look forward to see you all next year for a third edition.
A special thanks to Our Chairman Henry Tapper, who ensured the success of this event.