HealthTech Summit 2020 - An overview of the latest trends in Health Insurance

The HealthTech Summit 2020 - Health Insurance Taken to the Next Level, held in the Hotel Catalonia Barcelona Plaza on 5th & 6th of March 2020, was the 4th annual edition of the event under the umbrella of EuroEvents Market Research institute, following Munich 2019, Vienna 2018 and Berlin 2017.


The HTS20/20 brought the industry leaders to take a look at the latest tech innovations which are reshaping the sector, learn how to better address the customer’s demands for more personalized offers and how to optimize the pricing and cost containment strategies for increased profitability.

Day 1, jam-packed with 11 speakers and one panel discussion, was opened with the presentation of Dr. Peter Mills (who coincidently was also our conference chairman for the day) who did an overview of the latest trends in health Insurance and boldly stated that medical consultations are stuck in the 20th century. According to Peter, health insurance has a tendency to be a disruptor of the healthcare industry, and its future is in collaborating with innovators.










Later we had Carlos De La Cruz Echániz who in a short segment of 30 minutes tried to explain why should innovation be the top priority for health insurers, something that he could have talked about, as he said, for days. The session ended with the presentation of Paul Triggs who expressed his point of view on selling health insurance in today’s world.


After getting a well-needed refreshment during the morning coffee break, and taking the opportunity to network, in the second session we had Jai Verma who elaborated more on the socio-economic factors and their impact on healthcare; Carlos Ordóñez who pointed out that insurers are using customers information and data to reduce loss ratios by promoting habits of prevention and healthy living; and Nikos Kouvaras with his presentation on the role of analytics in creating seamless user experience.



After the lunch break, our next presenter Pedro Diaz Yuste, kept the energy on a high level with a couple of “bear” exercises. He spoke of the effects of AI and IoT on Health Insurance and concluded that digital customers don’t go to the doctor, they don’t want to or don’t have time, but rather want an immediate solution.

Later that session Lukas Ammann presented the dacadoo’s app that can calculate risk with minimal input of information, and following him was Charlie Pearmund with an interesting presentation on how advanced virtual reality can benefit health insurers.

The final session of the day started with the video presentation of Marco Giacommeli who despite the ban of traveling abroad due to the coronavirus outbreak was eager to participate and add value to the event by presenting on the trends that are shaping health insurance industry.

He was followed by Emmanuel Djengue who answered the question how to make people healthier and live longer and we finished off with the panel discussion “Insurtechs - competitors or collaborators?”.








The second day saw a change in the role of chairman, with Charlie Pearmund stepping up to cover for Peter, who unfortunately had to travel back to the UK.

Session V started with another video presentation, this time by Deniz Yörük who pointed out that all customers should be treated as digital customers that want a platform they can buy and a service they will get in a minute. She stressed that telehealth and be used both as a preventive care and a longterm care management tool.

Later, Laurent Pochat Cottilloux discussed on the opportunities for health insurers deriving from the globalization of the healthcare, such as the possibility of medical tourism, product design based on the principles of cross-border health insurance and opportunities to partner up. Same as some of the speakers before, he also concluded that in order to be successful health insurers need to offer a platform which user can access easily.

The first session of day 2 ended with a panel discussion in which the panelists have tried to answer how to achieve increased profitability with cost-effective sales and distribution strategies.

After the morning break, we welcomed the great showman John Spears, all the way from Canada, who focused on the ways to reduce claims costs by modernizing claims processes.


He was followed by Angelica Khachaturova presenting a case study on the Tyto Care telemedicine solution, Andreas Bogusch speaking on a similar topic, trying to answer if telemedicine has become reality, and we finished the session, the day and the conference with Josep Carbo who, presenting on the ways that AI can improve access to healthcare, surprised us with the information that 160 million of Americans google their symptoms online every year, and 43% of employees prefer to find and online solution than seeing a doctor for a diagnose.










The conference was closed by the conference chairman Charlie Pearmund with the day’s summary and the closing remarks. As the previous 4 editions, the HTS20/20 turned out to be great success, developed and executed flawlessly by the EuroEvents team.

We would like to thank all of our speakers, panelists, partners, sponsors and delegates for their contribution. A special thanks goes to our two chairmen Dr. Peter Mills and Mr. Charlie Pearmund for their support and involvement in the project.

Hope to see you all, at the 5th Annual HealthTech Summit 2021.

Microfinance Summit 2020 - the biggest microfinance event under its auspices


Last week in Rome, EuroEvents has organized the biggest microfinance event under its auspices,  a world-class global event with representatives of over 60 countries!.  The event was unique by the speakers portfolio, their contributions, perfect match of practitioners and variety of partners.




Opening sessions on DAY I featured great presentations focusing on technology and innovations, with  MikroKapital, FMO Dutch Development Bank, Galileo Network, Qredits Microfinanciering, UniQ Soft Technology, EIF and PerMicro.  We than focused on one of the hottest topics in the industry, the digital transformation, with contributions from BBVA Microfinance Foundation and Triple Jump, followed by a great panel discussion. We have concluded the day KfW Bankengruppe, BNP Paribas and Triodos Investment Management.

The attendees enjoyed their time at the well-organized networking breaks, scheduling their meetings in advance, making the most out of their presence. MFS2020 was a truly memorable experience. EuroEvents organizer a  baroque and renaissance tour in Rome,  very well attended and enjoyed.









After such a long and very impressive first day, we continued with the Summit. DAY II started with contributions from international institutions, such as Managing Director SME finance of EBRD, Global Head of Financial Inclusion of IFC and Agency for Microfinance of Italy.

We continued with best practices shared by MFIs and Investors, PerMicro, Iccrea Banca, Incofin Investment Management, Opportunity International, MicroStart, Alterfin, Grameen Credit Agricole and others…


In order to mark the attendance at the MFS200, all attendees received  Certificates for Attendance at a separate ceremony. MFS2020 has introduced Its first-ever awards ceremony, we want to congratulate to Mr. Groenevelt for key-note presentation awards, to  Mr. Limone as Influencer in the Microfinance Industry and to MikroKapital for enormous support of the Microfinance Summit!

Special thank you all the attendees, making this event a must-attend for the future, to all the speakers and 2020’s Partners, MikroKapital, Grupeer, Alterfin, Galileo Network, Natech, UniQ Soft Technology and EFSE.

AI Advancements in Finance - insights from the first edition of AI&Analytics Conference

During the 13th and 14th of November, in the impressive rooftop conference room of the Radisson Blu Hotel, we inaugurated the first edition of the AI & Analytics: The Power of AI in Business Conference.

AI has become a focus for consumers, institutions and regulators globally. As new capabilities and models emerge, it is important for institutions to understand how they can take advantage of each new development. And while Artificial Intelligence is not the answer to everything, in a hyper-competitive society, smart tools and innovative approaches can make a huge difference in changing the game in terms of customer experience, cutting costs, productivity gains, or greater good. However, while the pressure to stay ahead is rising, it is critical that this is done in a responsible way. Consumers are understanding the importance of the security of their data and how it is being used, and institutions are aware that new advantages can also create new potential liabilities.

Machine learning, IoTs, Deep Learning, Big Data, Virtual Assistants, are not only “buzzing words”, but true change drivers, planting in our everyday life. Understanding and leveraging their impact is what more and more companies opt to do, racing not to be left behind. With Artificial Intelligence passing off the hype cloud, it’s time to unlock its true potential. The promise of AI lies in creating business value.

The purpose of this Conference was to showcase the most sensitive perspectives to take into consideration while adopting the AI; to provide deep understanding on how it can enhance and transform the Business, with special focus on the latest developments, possibilities, future aspects, and success stories within the field of Finance.

Our speakers and delegates exchanged personal experiences, use cases, applicative solutions and trends to keep an eye on, on the following topics:



• Responsible and ethical adoption of AI;
• Awareness of risks and privacy issues;
• AI for enhancing overall business performance;
• Market-leading AI to improve customer and employee experience;
• Automation;
• Transformation in financial services;
• Detection and prevention of fraud and anomalies;
• Benefits and usage of predictive analytics;
• The future of work with AI.







At the beginning of Day I, we also hosted the representative from the European Commission, who was presenting the EU strategy towards adopting and developing AI, with an overview of the next steps, policies, research and funding opportunities.

Day two started with interesting comparison with the advancements in the health industry and conclusions that the cross-industry collaboration is necessary for better understanding of the impact of the technology and how to join the human intelligence with machines for amazing results.
We would like to thank everyone who joined us during these two interesting days. We would like to thank our speakers for their amazing presentations and for the support of our partners.

The power of IoT in the insurance industry - uncovered at the inaugural edition of the Connected Insurance Days, Berlin 2019

The inaugural edition of the Connected Insurance Days took place on 6-7th of November 2019, in Berlin Germany, at the beautiful Eurostars Hotel.

Connected Insurance Days Conference uncovered the power of IoT in the insurance industry and explained why should insurers offer more connected products that appeal to their customers. Moreover, we learned the right technologies that insurance companies should embrace to enhance customer experience and above all satisfy and exceed customers’ expectations.



The scope of the conference was highly interactive, having 6 open floor discussions, thus enabling the attendees to actively take part in the discussions.
The First session of the day was dedicated to the new digital ecosystem of connected insurance, with Christopher Meyer-Mölleringhof(coming from LV1871), answered the question how to survive in an ecosystem economy where two or more parties need to interact in order to stay ahead on the competition and Raphael Troitzsch (SwissRe) , who presented the opportunities that the insurers have with utilizing the smart home insurance.








The second session placed The Customer at the heart of connectivity. Emmanuel Djengue (RGAX) provoked the audience to do sit-ups in order to visually show what we already knew, that the new generation of customers is a heavy smartphone user and thus showing us the way in which the development of new products and channels of distribution should be headed.
Carsten Rahlf(ERGO) later explained how insurers can harness the power of data to retain their customer and increase the loyalty.



The session ended with the presentation of the conference chairman Sergej Dolezil (AMODO), who showed with two lucid examples (The Mustang Challenge and Japanese vs Korean cars) that customer’s behavior can be influenced and changed through engagement and showed how to convert sporadic behavior into a lasting habit.

After the fully deserved lunch break, we had the first showcase session where Manuel Heuer (Dacadoo) and Mike Brockman (ThingCo) presented how their platforms and new generation digital solutions (AI, chatbots, telematics) can be used by insurers to better engage their clients
The final session of the day focused on claims, with Dr. Benedikt Laudage (Allianz) presenting how utilizing technology in claims can make the process more efficient and leads to bigger customer satisfaction and retention.

Day II might have been shorter in length, but not even a bit in the quality of the presentations.
Session V was dedicated to unlocking the potential of advanced technologies in an innovative environment.
Harry van der Zwan (NN Group) stressed out that, in an ever-changing insurance environment, where incumbents are facing the “new” challenge of the BigTechs, partnerships are key to sustainability.
Our next speaker, Nuno Horta from Portugal (Ageas) , had a very informative case study on the use of AI as a medical triage tool, which in the case of the Medis Lihna pilot project ended with very positive results.








Following the morning coffee break, we continued with the second showcase session where Ben Bowne (Cambridge Mobile Telematics) and Adam Smolkowski (Makeitright) pointed out the game changers of the insurance sector nowadays.
The day (and the forum) ended by examining the innovative strategies which should be implemented for future success with Dr. Stefan Kröpfl (Zurich) focusing on how to protect the evolving workforce and Sebastian Dominguez (HDI Global) giving an answer to the question “How to make B2b customers more successful”.
The conference was closed by the conference chairman Sergej Dolezil with the brief summary and the closing remarks.

EuroEvents Market Research Institute, would like to thank all of our speakers, partners, sponsors and everybody else involved in the development of this event. Not to forget the panelists (Anca Burke – Idrive, Samarth Shekhar – SixThirty, Kamil Kalużny – Makeitright) who added value by sharing their thoughts, opinions and expertise in the open floor discussions.



We hope that all of you left Berlin inspired, richer for experience and new ideas that will add value to your organizations.
A special thanks go to our conference chairman and panels’ moderator, Mr. Sergej Dolezil who fitted perfectly into the role and gave the entire event a specific tone.
Looking forward meeting you all at the 2020 edition.

For more pictures of the CID2019 please visit 

From the heart of the Baltics - Riga, Latvia

The Baltic Executive Medical Tourism Summit was held on 23rd and 24th of October in the Radisson Blu Daugava’s City Skyline conference center for the sessions on day I and Lietuva room the B2B Workshop, participants have enjoyed a 2 day program and grasped the learning and networking opportunities our event in the heart of the Baltics - Riga, Latvia

The Summit was opened by Ece Gunay, Clinic Center with a presentation on the patient journey covering the process from the beginning to the end. The presentation was followed by a panel discussion on the topic “Evaluating the service provider: What should be done for a 5-star review?” Where Tatiana Sokolov from Medica Tour, Adilya Satybaldiyeva from Medsputnik and Ira Dragan from MedEssentially have the facilitators perspective with a focus on CIS region.











In the following session, the audience had the opportunity to hear 3 presentations. Nina Sarkisian from Jerarsi+ Clinic opened the session with the topic on How to make a country a leader of medical tourism: From zero to number one”, followed by Mert Demirsoz who gave an exhaustive presentation on Dunyagoz’s Excellence in Eye Care. The session was closed by Angeliki Katsap from Temos Hellas on the role of Accreditation programs explaining how it helps to achieve state of the art medical tourism services.



The 3rd session was opened by Henrik Salamon who presented the trigger points for a patient to take treatment outside their country. It was followed by the Maris Luks form AmberLife Cancer Clinic who presented an Integrative Medicine concept for effective and harmless treatment methods in the 21st century. The session was closed by Piret Hirv, from Connected Health Cluster and Tallinn science park Tehnopol. She delivered a presentation about How to deliver the promise of ehealth in a changing environment - “the estonian way”.

The last session was opened with a panel discussion on the topic Promotion in Medical tourism industry where Oleg Ponimatko from, MedicaTour, Natalie Strokovska from MedicalUnion and Maris Luks from AmberLife Cancer Clinic discussed the big challenges in promotion of clinics and destination promotion. Daniel Coulton Shaw delivered a presentation on How to reach all potential patients a clinic can get sharing many examples. The Summit agenda for day 1 was closed by Hasan Arslanyureg on the future trends in medical tourism

Day II was marked with a B2B Workshop and hospital site visit to our sponsors clinic - Amber Life Cancer Clinic. On the workshop, partner clinics and hosted buyers conducted more than 70 meetings discussing how to improve existing and create new long lasting partnerships. During these hours participants met some familiar faces and many new in tet-a-tet meetings. The buyers of healthcare services came from different geographical regions - Scandinavia, CIS region, UK & Ireland and the Baltic States. The hospital site visit at Amber Life Cancer Clinic allowed potential partners to better explore the clinic facilities and learn on the special treatments this Clinic offers to patients.











Next up for EuroEvents and its trustworthy partners is the 6th Annual Medical Tourism Conference that will be held in Athens, Greece from 12th to 14th of February. For more information visit:


Insurers and auto manufacturers exploit telematics as the next wave of creating deeper customer relationships, resulting in occurrence of new business models for the connected lifestyle. By activating and collecting the right data, they’re able to better understand consumer needs and offer customized advice, coverage, and tailored pricing. Vehicles have evolved from mere transportation means to advanced mobile connectivity platforms. At the center of this evolution is the connected-car technology that assists customers in driving safely, avoiding accidents, lowering emissions, benefiting from insurance telematics and enjoying connected lifestyle personalized services.

What do you know about the recent trends in the motor insurance market and the new forms of mobility? This market is extremely sensitive to developments and innovations in technology, showing growth in insurance telematics programs in the usage based insurance sector. Join us during these informative two days filled with experts’ talks, innovative solutions and in-depth overview of the current and future trends in the automotive insurance. Auto insurers, OEMs, experts, technology and service providers, innovative startups - all in one place for an unforgettable learning, discovering and networking experience.


The Nordic Finance Forum 2021 will uncover the key challenges and build a pathway into booming your banking activities of the new decade.

NFF2021 will emphasize on: trends in remittances, the importance of PSD2 merchant implementation, exploring the collaboration of Nordic Banks, Nordic tech-payment ecosystem, Technology and Digitization trends.

Don’t miss this exclusive gathering in Stockholm in March, joining all major Banks & Financial Institutions coming from the region, together with the growing Neobanks, Challengers and Mobile Banks, influential tech-solution providers, fintech ecosystem, the most innovative Start-up companies, Financial networks and National regulators.


Think digital. Think innovation, technology, smart solutions, insurance, customer care, trends. Now think how embracing digital technology in insurance will produce change that matters.

This is an event where west meets east, seasoned with hot topics, inspiring presentations, disrupting technology, innovative solutions. Where different knowledge and cultures blend in together to create unforgettable experience.
Come, join, see, feel, connect, discuss, learn.


The ongoing digital revolution is reshaping nearly all aspects of the insurance sector, and claims management is no exception. With the ever-changing customers’ expectations on one hand, and the lowered margins due to the increased competitive pressure and the progress of digitization on the other, insurance companies are now focused on delivering an effective cost-management strategy whilst ensuring client’s satisfaction on the way.

The ICF2021 will gather the leading experts from the European insurance claims segment to discuss how to develop an efficient & effective claims management model that can be a source of competitive advantage. We will also take a look at the hottest industry trends and learn how to speed up claims handling and fight fraudsters with the help of AI, Robotic Process Automation and Big Data Analytics.

Join us to hear why the customer should be at the center of the claims operations and how to achieve increased customer satisfaction through efficient claims processes. Furthermore, ICF2021 offers great opportunity to network with industry peers, share innovative ideas and formulate new strategies and business models in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Embracing the genius of tech-revolution | #IOB2019 in Prague

Prague, the golden city of thousand spires has welcomed the banking and finance professionals from the major financial institutions all over Europe at the #IOB2019. Discussing the latest tech-innovations and best practices and case studies during both days of the conference - proved the success of our event, as one of the key meeting points in Europe.

IOB2019 was chaired by Davor Gasparac, Head of Group Corporate Division in Erste Group IT, doing a great job as a moderator, leading us for an inspirational and exciting event!

We kicked-off discussing the technology influence over the operational excellence in banks, with contributions from Appello, Nordea Asset Management, Unicredit and MeaWallet, which totatly deserved the attention from the audience! We continued with spot on presentations from Lloyds Banking Group, Sberbank & ABBYY, bringing us closer to the latest AI influence towards the Banking Industry. Following a great interactive lunch, we continued with Ceska Sporitelna and Danskebank, closing-up with B2B presentations from MonetaBank and Wultra.


Day II in the morning was dedicated to customer engagement, great insights by PwC and Zignsec. Another very attractive part of the Conference which caught the curiosity of the participants was the PSD2 session topic with the presentation named ‘What we have learned from this lesson?”. In this session topic, Czech National Bank presented his excellent discourse followed by Erste’s presentation.

We continued with great panel discussion on the challenges of regulation, implementation and recent formal ‘go-ahead’ step by the ECB. Given the interactive format, we had great contribution from the delegates who raised some very interesting discussion on the topic above! Thank you to SIA, Slovak National Bank and Komercni Banka for sharing insightful information.


Last but not least, Microsoft and ProFix ensured keeping the attention in the room with impressive presentations. The conference activities were summed-up with round table discussions on three different topics. The participants had the opportunity to interact in smaller groups, exchange the knowledge and ask the tightness details. The conference was closed with afternoon cocktail, celebrating the event’s success.

Great impressions, expressed recognitions and kindness words were spread at the Innovations on Banking Conference 4.0. Thank you to all the speakers attending, delegates being present in the room, and our trusted Partners Appello, MeaWallets, Abbyy, ProFix, PwC and Zignsec.
Looking forward to meet you ALL next year!