Presses the bank giants: New technology can save the Swedes two billion a year

“If the average interest rate on blank loans is reduced by one percentage point, the Swedes will save two billion a year,” says Nicholas Sundén-Cullberg, CEO and founder of Lendify – who aims to be the largest in the fintech market.

Thanks to new technology, both investors and borrowers can get better conditions – and also gain access to a modern, customer-friendly and completely digital service, with higher transparency between investors and borrowers.

“We take borrowers and investors closer together, we disconnect all unnecessary intermediaries. Instead of the banks making big profits, the borrowers get lower interest rates, and the investors higher returns, ”says Erika Eliasson, IR manager at Lendify.

Cheaper than the bank
The technology cuts costs and creates the conditions for providing a better service and user experience. Lendify is working on a completely digital platform, where no old structures or substandard IT systems are in trouble.

“The banks often have old IT systems. In many cases they have a number of third-party suppliers of IT systems, and I know that if we instead build from scratch, without third-party suppliers, then we will be able to be faster in the changes and keep costs down, ”says Nicholas Sundén-Cullberg.

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Better service
Because the platform is completely digital, unnecessary intermediaries and long processing times are cut – which means that you can invest more in personal service.

“We started the company with an ambition to be a positive force that contributes to improving the economy for Swedish households, precisely by challenging old structures and models. We will reduce the cost of borrowers and this has already begun. We have seen a price pressure on the entire market at the end of 2017, and we believe that we are the driving force, ”concludes Nicholas Sundén-Cullberg.


Exclusive! Expectations for this year’s edition of Medical Tourism Conference from Ognjen Bagatin, Bagatin Clinic’s CEO

Poliklinika Bagatin has been our partner at the Medical Tourism Conference for a while now. What are your expectations for this year’s edition?

Ognjen Bagatin: Yes, we are really proud that this is our third year of partnership with EUROEVENTS and that after our partnership in Warsaw and Berlin we are hosting the 5th Annual Medical Tourism Conference in Zagreb this year. Our goal is to bring top clinics together again, round up the top knowledge from Europe and the world, and to get top facilitators so we can all learn from each other and grow together.


It is the first time we are coming in Croatia with MTC, could you tell us a little bit more how you feel about this, bearing in mind that this is your home country and where Bagatin Clinic is based?

Ognjen Bagatin: Zagreb and Croatia are becoming a medical tourism hotspot and working together on its promotion is something I am really excited about. We are now opening our Clinic in a new location, in the heart of Dalmatia, the beautiful city of Split, and we expect a lot from medical tourism which has great potential in such a tourist city. We wish to raise the quality of medical services for both our domestic clients and the tourists that visit us. The fact that Croatia is a top tourist destination and hotspot according to many tourism and leisure magazines and websites only contributes to the overall attractiveness of the destination and makes it easy for the branding of medical tourism. This is the time when we want to “roll the wheel” and fortify the status of Croatia as a medical tourism friendly and attractive destination, with an ample offer of medical services and options for all types of medical and tourist visitors – all year round.


What is your main focus? Inbound or outbound patients?

Ognjen Bagatin: As we are on the market for 24 years now and are already well-known among domestic clients, we are currently focusing on clients from abroad. Our main focus is patient inbound. Each year we grow 54% in the arrival of foreign clients which only proves our quality and the quality of destination. At the moment we derive most of our patients from the Austrian, Swiss, German, Slovenian and Italian market, and what we are especially excited about is the increase in the number of patients coming from USA, Australia and New Zealand. They are mostly coming for dental treatments and plastic surgery procedures. Last year we had patients coming from 39 countries form all around the world.


How do you think Croatia can become more successful in attracting foreign patients and increasing the numbers?

Ognjen Bagatin: With better positioning and branding of the destination and, before all, communicating more efficiently with 19,000,000 million tourists visiting us almost every year.
We are very optimistic when it comes to the future of medical and health tourism in Croatia. Considering the global medical tourism industry growth is poised for 15-20 % growth year over year, a portion of this domino effect and impact will, in fact, be felt in our country as well. With additional efforts to be made I think there is no doubt about it, and, as for everything else, it takes time but, as I said earlier, I think we are on the right track. Not to mention the fact that the retention of the medical staff and the brightest of the bright at medical schools all over the country as well as in Croatian hospitals and clinics would therefore not be called into question. This is something I will talk about in my presentation.
Several routes exist out there; from B2G options, to facilitator models all the way to insurance companies and large international employers functioning on self-funded health plan/insurance basis. With careful and targeted synergies, research, partnerships, governmental support and planning only the sky is limit for the Croatian medical tourism!


And lastly, could you share some interesting anecdote that you have with international patients at your clinic?

Ognjen Bagatin: Hmh, I can´t actually recall some anecdote (although I´m sure there are many 😊) but what I always do remember are the nice, positive stories of our Clients. One of them is definitely a story about Mr. Carl Faulkner, our Client from USA who came via Qunomedical last year around Christmas. This is a powerful, emotional, life changing story definitely worth reading so that is why I will not go into more detail but will link the story bellow:


If you would like to hear more from Ognjen Bagatin, don’t miss his presentation at our 5th Medical Tourism Conference in Zagreb, March 13th – 14th 2019.

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Health insurance is navigating its way through a wave of new digital technologies. The rapid evolution of InsurTech capabilities is driving Health insurance firms to nimbly adapt to a market that is changing more quickly than ever. What is driving these changes? Intensifying competition, margin pressures, advances in technology, and evolving customer preferences.

The 3rd HealthTech Conference will look at the last updates on regulation GDPR & IDD, challenges and trends in the industry, and will also highlight the potential of being innovative, the impact of digitalization on increasing profitability and enhancing growth, and how to gain InsurTech capabilities.



EuroEvents would like to welcome you at our 3rd Nordic Finance Forum that will be held in Stockholm on 7-8 May 2019.

For more info regarding the topics, speakers and sponsors, please visit our conference website:

Save the dates and join our forum to discuss, innovate and explore the latest trends with fellow experts and significant contributors in the area!


Following the huge success of our previous two editions, EuroEvents is proud to present this years’ Digital Payments Forum 2019: Shaping the Future of Banking.

The DPF2019 will bring together the leading banking experts which will analyze the challenges that the banks are facing nowadays as well as discuss the different strategies needed to be implemented in order to attract new and retain existing customers.

We will hear the latest industry news, lot of case studies and success stories and, as the implementation deadline approaches, we will take a look at the PSD2’s Regulatory Technical Standard (RTS) and the affect it will have on banking.

Digitization has fundamentally transformed banking as we know it today. Instant payments are changing the global payments landscape since the introduction of today’s electronic payment mechanisms.

With the rise of new digital technologies developed in the last decade by the FinTech, consumers nowadays have a wide range of payment products to choose from and they are quickly adopting them. But how quickly are the banks adjusting to these market changes? Can they keep up with the Tech giants and the challenger banks?
Join us this May in Vienna to find out what the top innovative European banks are doing in order to follow the digital trends, keep their position at the competitive market and how they keep their customers thanks to the innovations that drive their success.

Use this opportunity to network with the industry leaders and to formulate new strategies and business models in order to stay ahead of the competition.


In a world where the cost of healthcare is rising, non-communicable diseases (NCD’s) are increasing their impact,
social responsibility for health care is at an all-time high, and a competitive landscape under stringent regulation has pushed the healthcare industry to the edge.
Different initiatives and discussions are held on European soil throughout the year. The main goal is to find solutions and answers on these and other burning points for the industry.

Along with the 3rd HealthTech Connect Conference, the event of the year for the region, together with our partners Oracle and Dacadoo, we are bringing webinar for the healthcare industry in the region, defining the pathway for the future.
Join us on 21st February for a well-timed and spot on discussions and presentations from Glenn Lothering of Oracle and Jesper Ohnemus of Dacadoo. Your active presence and involvement are highly welcomed, reserve your seat fast and contribute to a better healthcare system in your region.


Insurers are now embracing and leveraging new innovations that offer customers the choice and speed they’re looking for.
Today’s insurers must meet the growing customer demands for convenience, choice, a personalized experience, and a faster, automated service across the whole insurance journey, from purchase to first notice of loss (FNOL) to settlement.
At the same time, they have also seen the insurance industry starting its own makeover, from being a late-adopter cautiously eying new technologies, to embracing and leveraging new innovations that offer customers the choice and speed they’re looking for, with the added bonus of reduced loss adjusting expense and more accurate loss estimates.
The 4th Annual Insurance Claims Forum will look to the latest trends and updates from a market view, discussing the potential of AI and all advanced technologies, sharing how the big players are maximizing clients satisfaction and raising their efficiency and quality of their services.


The second edition of the Next Gen Travel Insurance Conference aims to bring together the world’s most prominent industry players to explore the possibilities of lighting the future.
The goal of NGTI 2.0 is to create an environment of empowerment and inspiration, enabling the attendees to leave the venue with a breakthrough in their professional performance. The main topics this year will be the revolution of travel, customer focus, challenges within the industry and the right mix of distribution and sales techniques. The discussion will then continue with fraud management and new application developments, also including aero-medical transport and health risks. The panel discussion on Day II is incorporated in order to extract the maximum of the debate for technological advancements and the role of digitalization as well as cellphone based assistance in the Travel Insurance Industry. Moreover, as an additional value in the program, there will be case studies included, connecting the theory with the practice and taking a sneak peak in the approach of other companies.

NGTI represents the leading boutique and business-oriented event on Travel Insurance in Europe, always focusing on most popular developments within the industry, hosting the best speakers in the field.

Join us in Barcelona to discover a spectrum of opportunities!