Euro Events is founded on integrity and hard work. The company provides conferences, forums, training and meticulously researched business information and market research on thousands of industries worldwide.

Euro Event’s dedicated team of economists and analysts research and compile economic and demographic data, saving you significant time and money.

Our conferences and forums give you a better understanding of predicted market conditions, a clearer picture of supply chains and help you stay abreast of competitor activity, all of which can lead to revenue growth and reduced risk for your organization.

You’ll also quickly build credibility with your clients and prospects and become a market expert in a wide variety of industries.


Euro Events is leading the meeting industry by providing award-winning, engaging content for market- segmented meeting decision-makers planning meetings, incentives, and events through integrated solutions. We understand that every conference is an opportunity for broadening the horizon and a great way to build your network.

The diversity in our conference audience is key to its success.

We know what is most important: to balance the audience in terms of practitioners, solution providers, consultants, and academics, ensuring topics can be presented and disputed while looking through different colored lenses.


Our one and only mission is to help you grow. Your business, your networking, B2B contacts.
We have the solution to every problem.