Blockchain technology is likely to be a key source of future financial market innovation. Blockchain represents a promising source of future innovation in the financial industry, while the crypto ecosystem represents the largest implementation of blockchain technology to date. An interest in the technology continues to blow nowadays. Especially the interest in innovative technologies, as well interest in broader financial services communities. The Industry continues to see banks, brokerages, insurers, regulators, and others actively testing ways to absorb the benefits of the blockchain.

The Blockchain finance Summit 2018 will address the major areas influencing blockchain technology. Some of the topics exposed and discussed at this two-day Summit are, blockchain technology and its market regulation, recent industry innovations, platforms either alliances create with the biggest market players, challenges of the payment system and crypto market. You would be able to meet the greatest industry players sharing their best practice stories and successful case studies. You would get the chance to actively involved in open discussions regarding platform industry trends, as well, alliances, create within banking either insurance industry segment.


Main Focus:        *AI occupies Banking Industry        *Practical experience from Banks       *EU support of start-up community

A major focus at 3rd Innovations on Banking Conference takes artificial intelligence followed by digital innovations, robotics in banking segment, customer authentication, chatbots and customer experience; Practical experience by the major Finance Institutions
is creating the total picture of overall Conference image. Certainly, an important puzzle of the Industry are the Fintech and Start-up companies, reaching out the new opportunity for growth.

With prominent Industry players and presence of high-level professional experts, the 3rd Innovations on Banking Conference is hiking up to a spot where the most influential financial Institutions are present. Innovation is necessary and important part of banks, also attached to each financial transaction even when the customer doesn’t know they consume it! Those kind of changes are becoming an opportunity and not a threat. The bravers take a step ahead and shape-up leaders from the followers.

This year at our 3rd annual conference, we have play our affords, providing a successful event with innovative presentations, following the recent updates from the market, speaker panel of thirty high industry professionals, and two parallel sessions, focusing on each
one of your interest and expectations. We sincerely believe you will enjoy the two-days ahead, take the best of your presence here, consume best stories from the market, and exchange your experience. Your smile and satisfied faces means a lot to us. Hoping that
we met your expectation today and looking forward with fresh ideas for the next annual Conference