Carlo Barbera: “Implementing a new model of collaboration between insurers and banks is essential for the business”

Carlo Barbera, Deputy General Manager at Gruppo Cattolica Assicurazioni, Italy


What are the current trends in bancassurance industry from around the globe at the moment?

Progressive technology innovations, banking regulations trend are constantly changing the global bancassurance market. I can mention several equally important trends as implementing multi-channel strategy and a new model of collaboration between Insurance companies and banks, as well as a customer segmentation.


Can you specify what Gruppo Cattolica Assicurazioni has done to date to meet this trends?

The key to getting up to speed on latest trends and developments is to quickly adapt to changes and secure a top place for the business in the future. We developed a new multi channel platform to increase touch points with distributors and final customers. At the moment, we are evaluating IDD requirements to identify different target markets. Meanwhile, we are expecting to set up new agreements with two new banks.


What were the results, lessons learned and did it prove to be a successful implementation?

Meeting company’s goals is always challenging. With big efforts and concisely made plans and strategies, we gain an increasing market share in the motor business. Also, we set up a new product IDD compliant.


What in your opinion is the future of bancassurance?

In my opinion, bancassurance digital transformations will bring a positive development of share of the market. Another question considered in the future will be traditional tied agents in non life businesses.


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