Innovate or fail: Innovation will separate the best banks from the rest!

Being always on trend with the latest developments in the finance industry, addressing the hottest challenges that banks are dealing with at the moment, EuroEvents is proudly announcing our 2nd edition of Innovation on Banking CE Conference.

In the very center of the breathtaking and magnificent Prague, we will discuss why innovation is important and how this digital transformation can help banks to reach their overall company goals.

As banks now are looking to become truly digital entities, it will be innovation that will separate the best from the rest. This must-attend conference will focus on the developments in the banking industry with the exclusive purpose of emphasizing the impact of technology and innovation in this sector, alongside with the regulatory framework changes. In addition establishing a partnership with the new market, players is an added value to the event.

In order to reach this goal, and keep up to our promise, we are bringing only the best experts in the banking industry as speakers. The Managing Director of Deutsche Bank - Roberto Mancone, the Digital banking director at Bank Zachodni – Katazyna Plus-Malinowska and the Head of Digital of Erste Bank – Martin Kobza, were just a few of the experts that share their knowledge and expertise during our last conference. This year, we will keep this pace and will bring as great speakers as we had last year.

Trying to give our participants as many positive examples and successful case studies, we are always striving to bring as much international experience as we can. Just as an example, last year we welcomed 103 representatives from the banking industry from 43 companies and 21 countries all over the world.

Don’t miss this great opportunity! Join this exclusive and private business gathering to hear, learn or share the best successful “How to” stories.

We at EuroEvents are looking forward to welcoming you at this prestigious and great event.