Bancassurance 3.0 Conference “Digitalization In Bancassurance: Turning An Opportunity Into Competitive Advantage” – Post Conference Report

Bancassurance today has evolved into a very powerful tool in the hands of insurers, bankers and wealth management institutions. Insurers see it as a tool to increase penetration and market share and bankers use it to augment their fee income and to smoothen the volatility of interest income. Advancements in technology innovation have given rise […]

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Innovate or fail: Innovation will separate the best banks from the rest!

Being always on trend with the latest developments in the finance industry, addressing the hottest challenges that banks are dealing with at the moment, EuroEvents is proudly announcing our 2nd edition of Innovation on Banking CE Conference. In the very center of the breathtaking and magnificent Prague, we will discuss why innovation is important and […]

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future of finance 2.0 event

Future of Finance 2.0 Conference: 18 Speakers

In the very heart of Munich, at the Maritim Hotel München, EuroEvents is organizing yet another great event addressing the challenges, trends and the disruption that finance industry is facing at the moment. Now under the Conference topic “Future of Finance 2.0” this edition will address the post-disrupted era in the financial industry, the lessons […]

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