2nd Annual Nordic Finance Forum 2018

Great successful story from the Nordic region

The 2nd Forum organized in the Nordic Region brought us many successful stories and best practices shared by the major Nordic and European financial experts in the Industry. This year we have welcomed on stage some of the majors, the European Banking Federation, the European Central Bank, the Swedish Bankers’ Association, major European Banks ING, Nordea, Swedbank, DNB, Nordic Investment Bank, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Spar Nord and the influences and most innovative Fintechs and Solution Provider companies.

The Forum took place in Stockholm, Hotel Clarion, with two full days presentation on 15th and 16th of May.

At the very first Day, the Forum was opened with the presentation details of European Banking Federations presenting us the latest regulations and legislation in the finance sector, followed with the Session of PSD2, where the Banks express their after-math experience of the 2nd European Payment Service Directive implementation. Deeper inside elaboration came by the European Central Bank, ING Bank, Minna Technologies, and Swedbank. At the afternoon there have been discussions on topics related with Open Banking, presented by the experts of Spar Nord Bank, Handelsbanken, and Danke Bank.







We have open the Day two with the presentation of Mr. Frass, the Head of AI Strategy and Innovation at Nordea, Sweden. With an impressive experience, he shared best practices and innovations implemented in one of the leading Nordic Banks. During the day, we have welcomed on the stage, the latest solutions by Seavus, Signicat as well, Quantfolio. After the morning networking break, we continue to gather the experience of practical partnership examples between the Banks and Fintech companies, shared by Danske Bank, Nordic Investment Bank, and Maksuturva. The afternoon hours were reserved for an impressive experience of Mr. Erik Blomberg, Senior Vice President at Handelsbanken and F-secure regarding Cybersecurity, completing the day with Blockchain presentations and Cryptocurrencies’ presented by Mr. Fabio Keller, IBM, and Norbloc.

During the two days at the Forum, all Attendees got the chance of networking sessions during the morning and afternoon break hours at both days. This time we have set the Strategic lunch gathering in order to increase the interaction between the Attendees, getting more opportunity to share their experience, as well for further mutual business cooperation.

Special thank you and gratefulness to all our Partners, who support the Event and this year we had them in impressively higher number, Seavus, Signicat, Endava, Norbloc, Maksuturva, Minna technology and Quantfolio, beside the Media Partners, Payments Journal, Fintech Finance and Fintech Futures. Gratefulness, as well, to the both Chairmans at the Forum, Mr. Dimitris Panagio, The CEO of Seavus and Mr. Mikael Smeds, the Founder and CEO of Maksuturva, for their professional approach and involvement in successful experience of the Forum.

The experience of the Venue was nice, kind and warm with a centrally located Hotel Clarion in Stockholm.

We have successfully completed another journey at the Nordic region with a quite good impression, successful stories and new business potential partnerships concluded at this Forum. With a great enthusiasm, we are looking forward to the third Nordic Finance Forum 2019 in Stockholm.


ЕуроЕвентс с удовольствием приглашает Вас на конференцию Медицинское страхование: Стратегии и инновации. Наш проект объединяет ведующих профессионалов страхового рынка, предоставляет им отличную платформу для обсуждения актуальных тем, инновации, и стратегии и подходы для уменьшении расходов, и повышению доходов.

МССИ’18 раскроит секреты и потенциал новейших технологиях и их влияние на будущее промышленности. Ваше присутствие предоставить Вам возможность узнать про новые регулятивы, послушать практические кейси, успешные стории. Специалисты ДМС выступят с докладами, после чего следует интерактивная составляющaя, во время которой можете развить контакты.

Наши конференции годами являются лучшими событиями года в своих отраслей, предоставляющие своим клиентам необыкновенный опыт и поддержку.

Сотрудничайте в Москве, где знания и люди соединяются !


The Triple I Conference: Insurance, Insurtech, Investments 2.0

Our organizing committee would like to give you a warm welcome at the second edition of The Triple I Conference: Insurance, InsurTech, Investments. This year’s edition will make an attempt to tackle the most prominent topics in the insurance industry, with a specific focus on Digitalization, InsurTech, and Investment. The carefully chosen speakers, using their experience and expertise, will contribute towards the excellence of this Conference. Together, we will work on finding solutions & strategies for overcoming or working with, phenomena like the emergence & development of InsurTech start-ups, risks in investments, and customers’ role in the process.

In addition, this event will provide you with an amazing opportunity of networking – a crucial aspect for your business. Most importantly, the goal of our event is to provide a unique product on the Middle East Market that will enable you to minimize the costs of digitalization, while at the same time maximizing the profit from it. You should ensure your presence at the Triple I Conference because we provide excellence through experience!

We are pleased to have created a tradition of presenting one of the top conferences within the region in this sector and count on further cooperation with our participants.

Join us in Dubai to experience how knowledge & technology meet people!



Travel Insurance Conference addresses most of the big questions within the industry: Should employers have an international travel policy in place? Are there any mandatory insurance requirements that employees should be aware of? Does health personnel insurance cover employees’ travel inconveniences and unpredictable medical expenses during business travel?
We are welcoming the first Travel Insurance Conference in Vienna, establishing a focal point in the industry’s key areas that have the highest impact on the overall satisfaction for travel insurance, type of policy which business travelers acquire, distributing travel insurance through different channels rather than regular insurance trade. Popular trends such as ensuring rare & chronic conditions will be discussed, as much as the topics of Brexit and terrorism. Additionally, the topics of technology and travel policies that help drive and enhance travel well-being, will be the starting platform in this first edition of the NGTI.
Hearing about innovations, solutions and future challenges in TI industry among key players is what makes NGTI the leading event in Central Europe.
Join us in Vienna to have a remarkable experience!



EuroEvents is pleased to invite you to the 4th Annual Global Bancassurance, which will take place on the 6th-7th September 2018 in Vienna.

The 4th Global Bancassurance Summit 2018 will bring together the industry experts from the giants markets regions Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East to discuss the latest trends, the major challenges/opportunities in bancassurance, and how to face the fast changing regulatory, also will share success stories and strategies to enhance distribution channels for an increased competition. customer Centricity and digitalization will take place too to show their impact on growth, efficiency, and profitability by sharing real case studies and experiences with the audience, the event will also uncover the importance of partnering with insurtech and will identify the emerging technologies that will reshape the future of bancassurance.


Operations Transformation Forum 2018

Banks with successful operations transformation programs manage to achieve enhanced client experience, continuous improvement, operational and cost efficiency and risk mitigation. The approach to transformation depends on the business goal, mostly to improve customer experience, streamline processes, or reduce costs in the back-office operations. The Operations Transformation Forum 2018 covers such areas as digitalization, process transformation, customer centricity, operational efficiency and operational risk, AI and process automation.

Attending this Forum and sharing the best practices, along with aligning the operation’s performance goals to your business priorities, will help your bank enhance the most distinctive operations capabilities and meet transformation objectives.

Moreover, the Operations Transformation Forum 2018 is co-located event with the 3rd Innovations on Banking Conference at the same Venue in Prague. Getting the opportunity to attend Operations Transformation Forum 2018, you are also receiving a chance to hear more of fresh digital innovations, AI solutions, blockchain technology, cybersecurity and openbanking.


3RD Annual Innovations on Banking Conference


  • *AI occupies Banking Industry

  • *Practical experience from Banks

  • *EU support of start-up community

A major focus at 3rd Innovation on Banking Conference takes Artificial intelligence followed by digital innovations, robotics in banking segment, customer authentification, chatbots and customer experience; Practical experience by the major Finance Institutions is creating the total picture of overall Conference image. Certainly, an important puzzle of the Industry is the Fintech and Start-up companies, reaching out to the new opportunity for growth.

With prominent Industry players and presence of high-level professional expertise, the 3rd Innovation on Banking Conference is hiking up to a spot where the most influential Financial Institutions are present. Innovation is necessary and Important part of Banks, also attached to each financial transaction even when the customer doesn’t know they consume it! That kind of changes is becoming an opportunity and not a threat. The brave take a step ahead and shapes-up the leader from the follower.


EuroEvents is pleased to invite you to the 2nd Life Insurance & Pensions Conference, which will take place on the 16th – 17th October 2018 in Amsterdam.

Like most insurance sectors, life insurance is navigating its way through a wave of new digital technologies. The rapid evolution of InsurTech capabilities is driving life insurance firms to nimbly adapt to a market that is changing more quickly than ever.
What is driving these changes? Intensifying competition, margin pressures, advances in
technology, and evolving customer preferences.

The 2nd Life Insurance & Pensions Conference will look at the last updates on regulation, challenges and trends in the industry, and will also highlight the potential of being innovative, the impact of digitalization on increasing profitability and enhancing growth, and how to gain InsurTech capabilities.


EuroEvents is pleased to invite you to the S&OP Excellence & Advanced Analytics Conference, which will take place on the 6th – 7th December 2018 in Frankfurt.

S&OP is a vital tool to increase communication, improve service levels, decrease costs, and have better capacity utilization in all parts of the Supply Chain. However, there are companies that have been using the process for years, yet have not fully reaped its benefits. Furthermore, given the ever-increasing challenges and complexity within the value chain, S&OP is becoming more and more difficult, requiring a new look at the level of granularity and analytics to improve forecasts.

This conference will release you from routine thinking and behavior, by sharing diverse case studies from different companies, and it will spotlight the latest trends shaping the evolution of S&OP/ IBP. As you will discover the innovative strategies to enhance your performance. This event will also offer you the opportunity to network with your peer and exchange ideas and will help you to develop professional relationships.


The very core of the European Union lays in its freedom. But what is the use of it, if people are not using it due to the lack of relevant information, especially in the healthcare department.

In order to help clinics and patients across Europe, to learn and understand all the benefits that are deriving from the European Cross-Border Healthcare, EuroEvents in cooperation with Mr. Arnis Krasovskis, Director of Medrefund LTD UK is organizing this one of a kind high-level Cross-Border Healthcare professional interactive training.

Training will widen your approach to EU Cross-Border Healthcare, focus legal issues raised by EU Cross-Border Healthcare, and motivate you to find your way into EU Cross-Border Healthcare market.