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1000+ attendees hosted annually

We are more than just event creators. We create value, we create moments for a lifetime. But at the end of the day our clients are those who add most value to our company and brand. These are just few of the many stories and testimonials of our satisfied fellow attendees and speakers.

Tina Brzovska

Very interesting speakers and topics
Assistance Director at Savings Bank Moznosti

Akaki Aroshidze

Great event, great new ideas and new contacts. Meet my expectations
CFO at MFO Creditservice, Georgia

Victoria Fetescu

The speakers and topics were in line with the real trends and need in the industry
Bussiness Development Analyst at Business & Finance Counseling (BFC) Switzerland
20+ Speakers per event

Hear from the leading professionals and experts and learn how they are coping with the challenges in the industry

Torben Schwierzke

Underwriter Financial Lines

Ciaran Dempsey

EMEA Business Development Director

Christoph Eckart

Senior Fund Manager

Yulian Lazovskiy

Vice President

Dimitrios Niafas

Programme Officer

Inma Meco Esteban

Vice President

Pawel Cebula

COO & Co-Founder

Walter Jopp

Chief Executive Officer

Goran Tinjic

Senior Operations Officer