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Zagreb, Croatia

, 2021

Healthcare & Pharma

Event Summary

The very core of the European Union lays in its freedom. But what is the use of it, if people are not using it due to the lack of relevant information, especially in the healthcare department.

In order to help clinics and patients across Europe, to learn and understand all the benefits that are deriving from the European Cross-Border Healthcare, EuroEvents in cooperation with Mr. Arnis Krasovskis, Director of Medrefund LTD UK is organizing this one of a kind high-level Cross-Border Healthcare professional interactive training.

Training will widen your approach to EU Cross-Border Healthcare, focus legal issues raised by EU Cross-Border Healthcare, and motivate you to find your way into EU Cross-Border Healthcare market.

Key Topics

Embrace the latest know-how to overcome the challenges, learn from the best practical case studies and onsite experiences and become better prepared for the future

Equity of access
Information for patients
Safety, quality and continuity of care
Access to medical records


Agenda Learn the latest trends in the industry

Speaker: Arnis Krasovskis
I INTRODUCTION IN EU CROSS-BORDER LEGISLATIONS (Introduction session covers legal framework of EU regulation on Cross Border patients and how it interacts with established medical tourism market.)
  • Understand different EU Cross-Border treatment options
  • Compare established medical tourists with EU Cross-Border medical tourists
  • Look into different approaches to attract EU patients
  • Learn difference between different EU Cross-Border financing ways
  • Analyze competition in field of EU medical tourism
Speaker: Arnis Krasovskis
II EU CROSS-BORDER TREATMENT- WHAT ACTUALLY IS? (Session will in details look into different approaches that can be used by clinic to attract patients and provide financially lucrative treatments.)
  • Who can use EU Cross-Border treatment?
  • Choosing suitable EU Cross-Border for your clinic
  • Learn how to attract EU Cross-Border patients
  • What services are covered by EU Cross-Border?
Speaker: Arnis Krasovskis
III HOW CLINICS CAN BENEFIT FROM EU CROSS-BORDER PATIENTS ? (Session will concentrate on steps clinics have to perform to implement EU Cross Border activities in their practice, understand clients behavior in cross border situations, analyze involvement of each party in process.)
  • Cost of service from clinic perspective
  • Cost of service from patient perspective
  • Reputation and its role in EU Cross-Border treatment
Speaker: Arnis Krasovskis
IV CASE STUDIES (Session secured for sharing the best case studies and practices in area of medical services and countries that clinics are interested in.)
09:10 - 10:30
Speaker: Arnis Krasovskis
V WHAT A CLINIC HAS TO DO TO ATTRACT EU CROSS-BORDER PATIENTS? (Session will concentrate on Cross EU competition, different types of patients and their patient decision making process.)
  • How can I compete with clinics across Europe?
  • How to find ideal EU Cross-Border patient for your clinic?
  • How to come to an alternative to state healthcare system?
  • Creating new market for your clinic
Speaker: Arnis Krasovskis
VI PARTICIPATING CLINIC ANALYSIS AND CASE STUDIES (During session, moderator and representatives of clinic will discuss clinics existing approach towards EU Cross-Border patients and possible improvements)
Speaker: Arnis Krasovskis
VII SUMMARY (Short summary of training course covering all aspects EU Cross-Border Healthcare Workshop)
  • Best examples of applications of Cross-Border paths
  • Practical activities to understand
  • Issues of Cross-Border treatment

Meet the expert trainer

Arnis Krasovskis


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Medrefund LTD


Work experience

Director, Medrefund LTD,England, UK 2012-

Civil servant, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia, 2008-2012
Representative of Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia at EU Commision cross-border healthcare committee, 2011-2012
Representative of Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia at EU Commision social security coordination committee.2011-2012
Marketing research assistant, Factum Latvia, 2009-2010


University of Latvia, Social science faculty, Masters degree. 2009-2010
University of Latvia, Social science faculty, Bachelor degree. 2004-2009
Additional education

ERASMUS for national civil servants” European Commission, Brussel/Luxembourg/ Strasburg 2011
“Effective Healthcare Resources Management Programme”, Stockholm School of Economics Riga, Riga 2012

Participation in conferences/seminars

Seminar „Cross border patient care – Let’s talk about Polish medicine”, London, UK 2014
Conference „Poland-Your Health Destination”, Warsaw, Poland 2014
Seminar „Cross-border healthcare - How to increase profits by obtaining a patient from abroad?” Warsaw, Poland 2016
Conference „Международный форум медицинского туризма России 2016 (International forum medical tourism in Russia)” Moscow, Russia 2016
Seminar “Medical tourism potential” Riga, Latvia 2017
Conference:”3rd annual medical tourism CE conference” Warsaw, Poland, 2017
Seminar „Latvia as potential medical tourism destination – offer and opportunities”London, UK 2017

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