Warsaw, Poland


20th - 21st, September


Healthcare & Pharma
Conference Summary

EU gave people the freedom of travel and the ability to choose private treatment abroad which will be covered by their country. Many clinics have heard about it but only a few have understood how to use it for their benefit and how to profit from this EU regulation.

Why should clinics bother about it?
If the clinics are interested in attracting patients from aboard, they have to offer services that are more attractive and more affordable for patients.
EU cross-border regulation can do it if it is applied correctly. Although it is a single legislative act for all EU Member States it is understood differently across EU.


  • What is EU cross-border directive and how does it work?
  • Different approaches to clients from different EU states?
  • What benefits can it give to the clinic
  • What clinics need to do to make It work
  • Examples how clinics have benefited from the EU regulation.
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