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Becoming a Certified Professional Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) could be one of the best career moves for any physician, nurse, healthcare executive, or any other member of the healthcare team involved in quality management, performance improvement, risk management, infection control and prevention and health information.
Euro Events, as a leading market research institute specialist in the Healthcare sector, announces the launch of The CPHQ Exam Preparation Training, an essential review for all healthcare professionals planning to take the CPHQ exam.
The participants are expected to gain a solid foundation In the Implementation of quality Initiatives In healthcare by acquiring a common understanding of quality terminologies such as quality assurance, continuous quality Improvement, and total quality management.


  1. Discuss key concepts, tool, and techniques in healthcare quality Information management, risk management, change management, Leadership and strategic management in health care arena.
  2.  Analyze and apply statistical tools and methods used in the improvement of process and performance.
  3.  Identify focus areas management and case management, patient safety.
  4.  Acquire knowledge and skills to pass the CPHQ exam
  5.  Practice many real-life exam questions
  6.  Be ready for taking the CPHQ exam successfully

Embrace the latest know-how to overcome the challenges, learn from the best practical case studies and onsite experiences and become better prepared for the future

Management & leadership
Information management
Measurement and improvement
Patient Safety
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